November 28, 2012

Edmonton, AB Canada


Sonus Post Audio is closing its doors for good as of December 31, 2012.


Thank you all for more than 10 years of great relationships!!!!

We are now a ProTools HD Studio!!!

Just completed is "104 Underground", the documentary on the staging of an opera in the Bay station of the Edmonton Transit System on November 25, 2011.

This was done for Delsur Films, produced and Directed by Jimmy Bustos.


In May we completed the sound edit, Design and Mix for The McDades--Brother, Brother, Sister, Making Music, a feature length Music documentary.

A special screening was held at the Garneau in late June for family, friends and crew.


Sound edit, design and mix has been completed for Mark Power's (Digital Paradigm Productions) documentary film, Sacred Cinema.

Ben Babchishin's Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a Bit of a Bitch is now running online on YouTube. There will be 8 episodes in total.

Location recording, sound edit, design and mix done by the old folks here at Sonus.


Albert Karvonen, Wildlife Filmmaker was also recently completed.

A labour of love by Albert's children Ava and Downy.


Final work was completed last October for a special outdoor sound installation on the Prairie Walk that has been constructed between Festival Place and the Strathcona County Public Library and Community Complex in the heart of Sherwood Park.

The installation consists of 2 locations where an audio system complements the sculpture elements of the design. The most westerly location is a prairie grasslands theme with the more easterly location having a prairie wetlands theme.

This is in colloboration with Tricycle, a trio of sculpters, Catherine Burgess, Royden Mills and Walter Jule.

The system is designed to run from Dawn to dusk year round.

The audio design and mix was done by Downy Karvonen and the equipment design and assembly was done by Jerry Krepakevich.


The Sound design and Mix that we did for our friend and colleague Kathy Turco on "Spririt of the Arctic" won the award for "Outstanding Sound Design" at the Japan Wlidlife Film Festival 2011.

DVD cover of Spirit of the Arctic

Japan Wildlife Film Festival

We recently completed the audio post for a film by Pirkko Karvonen, on Andrea Hansen.

Also completed in the last year or two is a 5.1 surround sound edit and mix for a 72 minute feature documentary on singer/songwriter Bill Bourne. Called "For the record: Bill Bourne", the doc is a pilot episode for a series created by a consortium of media people in Edmonton led by Ben Babchishin of Hired gun Productions on Canadian mucisians as they record their latest album.

We are part of the consortium so buy our DVD!!!!

Copies of the DVD can be purchased shortly at



A number of new productions for various producers are in discussion and news will be posted as we know more.






Sonus Post Audio is closing its doors for good as of December 31, 2012.








Sonus Post Audio is a full featured audio post production facility with over 80 years of award winning production experience offered by its partners. We are a true "cottage" industry and are proud of our individual service.



Sonus specializes in audio post-production and has experience in commercials, PSAs, animation, documentary, performance and dramatic production in any length.  Long form documentaries and wildlife productions are our forte.


Your Sound must be Heard!

A proud member of the Alberta Production Community.
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